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Many food-related businesses (in-flight food service, hotel restaurants, and restaurants in general) are suffering from a chronic shortage of workers, including cooks.
Our company provides multi-faceted support for food-preparation businesses based on our motto of "connecting people with people, and food with food".
We also hope to help with the proliferation of Japanese ingredients and techniques throughout the world.
We also refer customers to ingredients which are certified safe and healthy using all of Japan's ingredients and superior technological prowess, which are highly praised throughout the world.
It is our hope to deliver a source of happiness to the people of the world.
We will work tirelessly with that sincere aim in mind.
We support you with the best skill.
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Everything you need in the food industry

Ingredients for in-flight meals

manufacture and sale of cooked and processed products for hotel restaurants

organic certification

provision of eco-friendly

halal-certified ingredients

Cooking and processing of hors d'oeuvres

cooking and processing of meats and seafood

cooking and processing of soups, sauces

Japanese cuisine

menu development

cooking consulting (provision of cooking technologies and knowledge)

full order support for the world's cuisines


Connecting people with people, and food with food

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